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About me

Hi! I'm Arturo Coronel (you can call me Yayu). I'm 23 years old, I live at Tijuana, MX and I ❤ web development.

Arturo Coronel

I work as a web developer, focusing mainly on the front-end, UI design and UX areas. My favorite things about them are using css to bring life the pages, create awesome interactive experiences using javascript and optimizing the site performance in order to improve the mobile user's experience. I'm also experienced with major css libraries like bootstrap, materialize and foundation; as well as javascript frameworks like Angular, Angular2, polymer and, as my main focus, React, Vue.js (altough I use a lot of ember at work!).

I love to share almost every projects I made on my Github account, with MIT license, so anyone can use my work as inspiration. I also publish there tools and modules that I've developed to make my job easier; in that way other people can be more productive and learn from what I do as well.

My hobbies are watching anime, play music games, listening to podcasts, learn about my favorite voice actresses, watching and attending idol lives events at Japan, write about frontend and help other people to improve their skills.


Want to know more about me or contract my services? Do you have any idea or suggestion to improve this site? Want to talk about web develoment or idols? Contact me!